Pray then like this: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Matthew 6:9 (ESV) Hey, what’s troubling you today? Anything causing you frustration? Anything out of place in your life or day? I’d love to invite you to take time and pray about it. Prayer is conversation with God. Talking and listening to Him. […]


Life has a way of serving up situation after situation. Global or personal, we each have something(s) we are dealing with. Can you relate with any part of this pyramid of problems? Where do we go for safety, sanity and serenity? The library of God’s Holy Scriptures; the Bible. 1189 chapters of truth, guidance, law, […]


If you’re sad, confused, anxious, depressed, uncertain, fearful or feeling alone, read on. If you went to sleep feeling like there was no one to talk to and had no where to turn, read on. If you feel more hopeless than you’ve ever felt, read on. If you feel like no one would understand, and […]