You set out on a journey.

You have everything you need; a destination, determination, stamina and the will to complete what you start. You start out running. Your back pack is full, but it doesn’t matter; you’re out to finish the course. You have the right attitude. You are alone but it doesn’t matter. So you run and run. Soon you discover that this task is not as easy as you thought it would be. There are obstacles along the way. People seem oblivious to your frustrations. Setbacks begin to crowd your course. You slow down your pace. Is this the only way? You wonder. When did it get so complicated? When did the destination seem both far and not worth your while? Why can’t anyone see what you’re going through and offer a helping hand? Why are they murmuring in hushed tones?
Then you have a eureka moment and you discover an alternate route. Why didn’t you think of it? It’s staring you right in the face. You change course and join this newfound heading. It’s not straightforward but something tells you to press on. It’s very unfamiliar but you trudge on. You have a new sense of energy that you’ve never had. Soon you get to a point where you can’t move forward, no matter how hard you try. You are stuck and you know this is the hardest part. Crying would be pointless. You feel so alone. Your strength is waning. This is like nothing you have come across. You are holding on but you don’t know why.  All that you’ve been bottling up wants to explode. You don’t know why you have to bear such weight.
Then something extraordinary happens. Three people appear from nowhere specifically to rescue you. You don’t know them but you know you can trust them. Maybe it’s their reassuring smiles, or their hands, obviously stretched out to help you. Maybe it’s the fact that they appeared at the right time and place.

You are safe.
At last.