Dear friend,
I don’t know what darts life has thrown your way, but I’m here to remind you of something.
God doesn’t change.
He created the seasons. They change, but He stays the same.
He created us. We change, but He stays the same.
He created emotions. They change, but He doesn’t.
I don’t know what your days (or nights) look like,  I don’t know how you’ve been bruised and battered but I do know one thing. God doesn’t change.
Have you been lied to? Has someone broken a promise or promises they made to you? Had you put your faith in someone only for them to leave you hurting? Have you been cast out by your loved ones, or people you trusted? Perhaps you are confounded by a broken engagement or an old friendship that ended unexpectedly? Well God won’t do that. He does not lie.
Think of God’s attributes. Make it personal. Think of what He has been to you specifically. Now add this tag, ‘God does not change’. Has He been your peace even when things didn’t make sense? Then He will not change.
Has He been Supplier of your needs? Then He will not change.
What has He been to you?
You may ask yourself, why don’t I feel that peace? Well, you change, He doesn’t!!
I pray that you will be glad that life is unpredictable and that seasons, people and circumstances change. Picture that contrast between our changing, wavering lives and a God who does NOT change. How dull and miserable would we be if we served a God who changed. Nothing would make sense. Would we even be here? What hope would we have? Where would we run to if God had mood swings? What misery that would be; to have to deal with our unpredictable human lives and also a changing God who didn’t keep His word. I’m here with good news. That is not the case at all. Our God does NOT change. He will continue to be what He was to the men and women of old and He will continue to be what we have known Him to be forever and ever. He was before we were and will continue to be, forever more. All those attributes and names of God. All that He was, is and will be. He is what you need Him to be; He is enough and He does NOT CHANGE.
Your friend,