There she was

All grown up and free

How wrong she was

She just couldn’t see

Caged to her own perception

Of what life should be

Stumping out the flame of conviction

So she could be

Free in her own eyes

Yet less wise

Where is daddy’s little girl?

There she goes

Clutching on to the whirlwind

Of her very soul’s foes

Caught up in the grind

Her days full of chaos

Forgetting to hold the hand

That brought her to life

Her one woman band

Yet so much laden with strife

Having let go of daddy’s hand

Where is daddy’s little girl?

Her very life she did resent

Wrought with drama

To daddy she would present

The sum of her traumas

But only at the tail end

Of phone conversations

And rantings with her friends

The initial sensation

Gave her a glimpse of recompense

Thus begs the question

Where is daddy’s little girl?