O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is. (Psalms 63:1)

Life can get overwhelming. Demands, pressure, self-inflicted and others’ expectations, deadlines, unfinished projects, bills and to do checklists. How’re you fairing through your definition of life?

May I suggest a sure-fire pick me up?


I respect the fact that some of us are not morning people. But I’d encourage you to start off your day with a golden moment of prayer, praise and worship, bible study and a period of sitting in silence to take in and savour God’s mighty presence, in whichever order you please.
The rising of the sun and the beauty of dawn gives me a chance to press the RESET button. His mercies are new every MORNING. I honestly need a constant reminder that God loves me and that He will be faithful to the end. I honestly need to hear this to renew my faith each day cause am human and am prone to doubt; just as a dog is prone to bark. I neither willed or wished myself into existence so it’s kind of a big deal to get in touch with my Creator. One of us knows why am here and why my life is the way it is; and it’s not me. One of us has the Grand Design and it’s not me 🙂 So I need God, now and always.


Granted, we have lives to live. Since we aren’t in typical ‘full-time ministries’; most of our time is spent curving out paths for ourselves depending on where we are in life. The key thing here is to not get caught up in our lives that we forget the one thing that matters – GOD. All of life started in Him and finds its purpose in Him (Colossian 1:16).

However, I am compelled to point out some distractions that make morning time devotion a mere wish and not a reality to most of us:

  • Technology:  Is both good and evil, depending on how one uses it and to what end. We can break it down to gadgets, internet, apps and social media. Most of us are addicted to these. We can hardly function without our gadgets. I challenge you to take a ‘tech-break’ one of these fine days.
  • Conversations with yourself: What are your first thoughts when you wake up? Most of us pick up from where we left off the previous night. If we had an issue gnawing at us then we’ll probably continue ruminating on it the next morning. Am an over-thinker. I tend to overanalyze things and make a million plans before I get out of bed. Some of which never come to pass.
  • A nose-dive into the day’s activities: We all have those days of jumping right into our schedules cause we over-indulged in sleeping in.
  • Guilty pleasures: We all have our (un)healthy obsessions. They are as diverse as our unique ID’s. Could range from games to makeup to hamsters to just about anything under the sun. What’s yours? I won’t judge.

Can I challenge you to make God your first point of contact from now henceforth? Put a stop to your self-chats, hobbies, internet, TV shows or whatever else and spend your morning yearning for God. Refresh your heart, mind and soul with a breath taking dose of the privilege of God’s presence.

Call unto me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

God is giving you a divine invitation to enjoy divine promise and divine adventure.

Be encouraged!!