Our lives are an inevitable and endless pursuit of a higher being. It’s an innate desire; to want to know where you came from, where you are, who you are, why you are. We are somewhat scared, albeit curious about where we will land when we fall off life’s edge. Is the future your friend, or is it a farfetched concept you envision with dread? Thing is, worry is weirdly irresistible, it’s like a dreadful fantasy world because really, most of the things we worry about never actually come to pass.  However, the negativity that we see around doesn’t  make it any easier on us. Some folk constantly live under a dark toxic blanket even when it’s neon-bright outside. Always expecting the worst from others and from themselves. Think Eustus of Courage the cowardly dog? Well, it costs absolutely nothing to walk on the sunny side of life. I have had bad times and even then I knew there was a light at the end of it all. What keeps my spirit lifted is the fact that my problems are as a tiny speck compared to the grandeur of my Creator.

See, we’ve all had the ‘I-am-small’ moment of revelation. Where this astounding huge glaring spotlight is shone on the fact that, compared to the universe, in all its entirety, you are almost not. A grain of sand would probably command more respect. You are small. Very small. King David used the word ‘worm’. Which is even quite an upgrade if you ask me. I could go with dust vessel or piece of clay but I’ll work with worm, just to show that we are not referring to an inanimate object here. And to think that worms are nowhere near cool. Ever heard of anyone keep a worm for a pet?If you are looking to refine your knowledge on human life and its intricately woven fabrics, kindly consult Socratics, Freudians ,Darwinians or better yet: Google. Ironically, my task is to serve you up a reminder that you are just a worm.

Hear me out. When you really think about it, life is not about you. In a world so vast, a universe so gallant, a purpose so grand; you are just but a worm. It’s eekily profound. See, you neither wished or willed yourself into existence. A Higher Power put you on the face of the earth and never without a plan. You were created for a purpose, that you can only find wrought in Him which may be a daunting task requiring alot of grace considering the fact that the world exalts self above all else. Self-help, self-development, self-audit, self-gratification, selfies and so many other ‘selfs’. It’s all about your happiness, your dreams, your goals, your will, your joy etc. We are living in a generation preoccupied with making little gods out of people. Under-cover Martians would go back with reports of gizmos to kill for, fountain of youth treatments, an overt sex culture and brainless apps. Obsess with self long and hard enough and you will soon forget to think about where you came from and where you are going, if you perhaps know where that is.

I’d much rather contemplate upon He that put me on this earth, having established that I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Try painting a sunset without a brush and tell me how it goes.